• 1.Pan said these epigenetic marks would not be erased easily. However, if people were aware of them, they could change their diet and lifestyle to compensate for their predisposition, delaying or even preventing the development of diabetes.


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  • 2.The researchers set out to determine whether the detection of cervical cancer by screening produced better prognosis or just earlier diagnosis, without delaying the time of death.


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  • 3.Such results demonstrate the importance of following patients to assess long-term outcomes in key clinical trials, particularly for chronic diseases such as diabetes. Since the effects of interventions on the most serious consequences of diabetes are not immediate, the health and financial benefits of preventing or delaying diabetes are expected to accrue slowly at first, then accelerate over time. Achieving modest cost savings with metformin within a decade and the near cost neutrality of even the original, individually administered lifestyle intervention over that same period are therefore remarkable. Under the Congressional Budget Office's standard scoring of policy proposals on the basis of their 10-year budgetary impact, diabetes prevention appears to be on the cusp of fiscal benefit, in addition to being of enormous health benefit.5 Given a longer-term perspective, however, the value of applying DPP results to diabetes prevention is clear cut.


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  • 4.Promising new data from trials aimed at delaying resistance to BRAF inhibitors


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  • 5.Preventing or delaying SREs has implications for preservation of quality of life and lower healthcare costs. Anti-resorptive agents, such as bisphosphonates, have been the mainstay of treatment for cancer-induced bone disease.


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