• 1.The pathophysiologic mechanisms that link advanced endometriosis and infertility have not been fully delineated.


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  • 2.The mechanisms Dhabhar has delineated could lead to medical applications, such asadministering low doses of stress hormones or drugs that mimic or antagonize them in order to optimize patients' immune readiness for procedures such assurgery or vaccination. "More studies will be required including in humansubjects, which we hope to conduct, before these applications can beattempted," Dhabhar said. Closer at hand is the monitoring of patients'stress-hormone levels and immune-cell distribution patterns during surgery toassess their surgical prognosis, or during immunization to predict vaccine effectiveness.


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  • 3.The researchers found that ecologically delineated bacterial populations act as socially cohesive units. "In these populations, a few individuals produced antibiotics to which closely related individuals in the population were resistant, whereas individuals in other populations were sensitive," said Cordero.


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  • 4.This emphasizes that core content for nursing curriculum needs to continue to be delineated and that outcome competencies must be identified and then validated through research. Creation of such a framework then can guide curriculum organization and design. One of the major impediments in the establishment of such a framework is the fact that essential content for disaster nursing education remains poorly characterized; however, preliminary work on competencies is well underway.


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  • 5.Results: The cystic arteries were delineated in 234 of the 245 patients. Both the Calot triangle and the cystic arteries were delineated in 223 patients. One cystic artery was seen in the Calot triangle in 173 patients, and two cystic arteries were seen in the Calot triangle in 12. One artery in the Calot triangle with accessory arteries from different origins outside the Calot triangle was seen in 18 patients, and no cystic artery was identified in 20. Cystic arteries were seen in 42 (92%; 95% confidence interval: 87%, 98%) of the 48 patients who subsequently underwent cholecystectomy. The relationship between the cystic arteries and the Calot triangle was in agreement with the surgical records for all patients.

    结果:245个患者中234个患者的胆囊动脉可以被观察到,223个患者的Calot三角和胆囊动脉都可以被观察到。173个患者在Calot三角内可以观察到一支胆囊动脉,12个患者在Calot三角内看到了二支胆囊动脉。18个患者的有分支动脉的胆囊动脉是发自Calot三角外的其他动脉,20个患者没有观察到胆囊动脉。后来接受手术的48个患者中有42个患者(92%; 95% 可信区间: 87%, 98%)在CT检查中观察到了胆囊动脉,所有这些接受手术病人通过CT观察到的胆囊动脉和Calot三角之间的关系都在手术中被证明是完全正确的。

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