英[ˈfaɪbə(r) ] 美[ˈfaɪbər ]



n. 纤维,构造,纤维制品,[植]须根


  • 1.The participants on both the Mediterranean diets will have benefitted from a diet high in unsaturated fatty acids, but the ones on the nuts will also have benefitted from additional nutrients such as fibre, arginine (an essential amino acid), potassium, calcium and magnesium.


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  • 2.The partnership between INESC Porto and ESA started in 2006 and is now showing its first signs of success with the development of an optical fibre filter that is capable of measuring carbon dioxide levels from space.

    INESC Porto和ESA的合作开始于2006年,通过可以从太空测定二氧化碳浓度的optical fibre filter的开发现在首次显示出成功的迹象。

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  • 3.The system developed by INESC Porto's Optoelectronics and Electronic System Unit (UOSE) has a high potential of applicability in satellites due to its efficiency, compactness and reduced volume and mass. The satellites equipped with INESC Porto's optical fibre filters will be able to detect pollutant gases in the Earth's atmosphere in concentrations less than 1 km high, at an altitude of 400 km.

    由INESC Porto和UOSE开发的气体测定系统由于其高效性,紧凑型,具有较小体积和较轻质量,因此具有很强的卫星搭载潜力。搭载了该装置的卫星可以在400km太空探测地球大气1000m高度以内的污染气体浓度。

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  • 4.Alexander disease (AD) in its typical form is an infantile lethal leucodystrophy, characterized pathologically by Rosenthal fibre accumulation.


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  • 5.It seems likely that advances in the performance and availability of imaging technology will offer solutions to the apparent obstacles in translating these discoveries into routine clinical practice. Clearly, ophthalmic imaging offers unique opportunities to examine neural, vascular and connective tissue components of the central nervous system. Scanning laser ophthalmoscopy (SLO) to measure optic nerve head topography has been in widespread clinical use for diagnosis and monitoring of glaucoma, a chronic progressive optic neuropathy, for a decade.13 SLO imaging performs at least as well as human observers grading photographic images of the optic nerve.14 A competing technology, scanning laser polarimetry (SLP), allows quantitative assessment of the thickness of the retinal nerve fibre layer, and is also in widespread use in the management of glaucoma.15 Optical coherence tomography (OCT) was initially shown to be a method of in vitro imaging of the retina and coronary arteries,16 but

    看起来操作的先进性和成像技术的可用性将给那些把这些发现转变成日常临床实践过程中遇到的明显障碍提供解决方案。显然地,眼睛成像为检查中枢神经系统的神经、血管和结缔组织等提供了独一无二的机会。激光扫描眼底检查法(SLO)测量视神经乳头局部图像十年来已在临床广泛用于诊断和监测青光眼,一种慢性进行性视神经病。SLO 成像分析至少与观察人分级视神经的摄影相片一样好。一种竞争性技术,激光扫描旋光分析(SLP),可定量评价视网膜神经纤维层的厚度,也广泛用于青光眼的治疗。光学相关断层扫描(OCT)最初是体外视网膜和冠状动脉成像的一种方法,但后来很快改良适用于体内眼科成像,现在广泛用于视网膜和视神经病理的诊断和治疗,并作为一种工具用来检测角膜和眼睛前段。用于青光眼治疗的商业化的SLO 和SLP 合并成半自动式形态测定分析,对视觉放大做了部分校正(OCT不这样)。测量结果与规范化的数据库相比给予暂时的诊断分类。

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