英[mɪs ] 美[mɪs ]

[ 原形: miss 现在分词: missing 过去分词: missed 第三人称: misses ]



n. 过错,避免,失败,小姐,姑娘

vt. 未得到,未达到,未听到,思念,未觉察,错过,遗漏,逃脱

vi. 失败,击不中


  • 1.The fact that the results had not been checked by anyone outside the research group that published the paper concerned me. When you are close to a study, you sometimes miss the obvious. The story nevertheless made headlinesaround the world in September.


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  • 2.The need is urgent, he says, because other research hasshown that patients who miss follow-up medical visits within the first yearafter they begin outpatient drug treatment for HIV infection tend to be out ofcompliance with regimens, and, over the long term, die at twice the rate ofthose who keep their appointments.


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  • 3.On November 29th at 2PM ET I'll be joining AirStrip Technologies CEO Alan Portela and HCA's Clinical Transformation Officer Dr. Divya Shroff to discuss this very topic in a complimentary MobiHealthNews webinar, Mobile Health At The Point of Care. HCA, of course, is one of the largest private operators of healthcare facilities in the world. I am excited to hear from both Portela and Shroff, who will share HCA's perspective on what is practical today as well as possible in the future when it comes to digital health technologies that support physician workflow and enhance the patient experience. Don't miss this webinar — be sure to register today.

    11月29日,我将会参加AirStrip Technologies CEO会议,与HCA的临床主任Divya Shroff博士,在随后附带的MobiHealthNews在线会议上讨论医疗点的数字化治疗这个问题。HCA,是世界上最大的私人经营的医疗保健设施企业之一。很高兴,我能听到来自Portela 和 Shroff的声音,他们将会分享HCA的观点(当支持医生工作流程、加强患者体验的数字医疗技术发展后的当今什么才是尽可能实际的)。别忘了在线会议,确保今天注册。

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  • 4.ScienceDaily (Apr. 18, 2010) — Predicting breast cancer spread from a sentinel lymph node removed during surgery is a hit or miss affair, say researchers: there are still many false negatives, which means the node, when analyzed under a microscope, appears clean of cancer cells, but metastasis can still occur in the patient. The sentinel node is the first lymph node in the axilla that cancer spreads to.


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  • 5.“While we expect weakness in Merck's shares because the 'miss' relative to expectations, the operating components of the P&L are largely in line. Hence, we view this weakness as a buying opportunity,” Deutsch Bank analyst Barbara Ryan said in a statement last Friday.


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