n. 米切尔(Michael的异体)(m.)


  • 1.“The study is important from the perspective of providing another means of preventing the development of obesity,” said Ed Mitchell, the senior author and a professor of child health research at the University of Auckland. “At least in New Zealand — and it needs to be confirmed in other age groups — this seems to be an important factor.”

    一位在奥克兰大学的资深儿童健康研究教授Ed Mitchell说:“这项研究在将来对于为防止儿童肥胖提供了另一个途径,至少对于新泽西的孩子来说。但这还需要在其他年龄的孩子身上证明-这看起来是一个很重要的因素。“

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  • 2."Unlike regular candies, we want this product to be stuck in the teeth," said Mitchell Goldberg, president of Ortek Therapeutics Inc, a privately held company in Roslyn Heights, New York, that licensed the technology from Stony Brook.

    “不像普通糖果,我们希望这个产品粘在牙齿中,” Ortek Therapeutics公司的总裁Mitchell Goldberg说,这是一个得到立石溪大学技术合作的在纽约市罗斯林高峰的私营有限公司。

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  • 3.Mitchell S. Steiner, MD, Vice-Chairman and CEO of GTx, will present data from the company's Phase II G200707 clinical study of Capesaris providing evidence that Capesaris increases SHBG, decreases FT, and reduces serum PSA. In another recent Phase II clinical study conducted by GTx (G200705) in men with advanced prostate cancer who were hormone na?ve, a significant reduction in FT was observed in Capesaris treated subjects in comparison to those treated with Lupron®, a LHRH agonist for the treatment of advance prostate cancer. The Phase II clinical studies were stopped early due to an increased risk of venous thromboembolic events (VTEs) at the higher Capesaris doses used in these previous clinical studies. However, clinical data from Phase I and Phase II studies suggest that significant increases in serum SHBG, and corresponding reductions in FT, can be achieved with lower (125 to 500 mg) doses of Capesaris.

    GTx公司的副主席和首席执行官Mitchell S. Steiner博士将列举该公司关于Capesaris的二期临床试验G200707的数据,证明capesaris能够增加SHBG,减少FT并降低血清PSA。该公司另外一个Ⅱ期临床研究G200705也是关于激素无效的晚期前列腺癌,其结果表明,与另外一种LHRH激动剂Lupron相比较,用capesaris治疗的患者体内FT显著降低。这些Ⅱ期临床试验因为静脉血栓栓塞事件(VTEs)发生风险增加而提前终止了。然而,一期临床和二期临床试验的数据表明,更低剂量的capesaris(125至500mg)也能够显著增加SHBG并相应降低FH。

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  • 4.Mitchell Shiffman, M.D., professor in the VCU School of Medicine, and chief of hepatology and medical director of the Liver Transplant Program at the Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center, is one of the lead investigators in the study, which was presented at the 38th annual Digestive Disease Week conference in Washington, D.C. VCU was among about 40 sites worldwide studying pegylated interferon alfa-2a, manufactured by Roche Inc.

    VCU医学院校的教授,维吉尼亚联邦大学肝移植项目的肝脏病学医学主任Mitchell Shiffman医学博士,是该研究主要的主要研究者之一,出席了在华盛顿的第38界消化性疾病年会。VCU分布在世界各地有40个机构,其由Roche公司创始并研究长效的干扰素α-2a。

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  • 5.Dr. Alex Mitchell, a consultant psychiatrist with the Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust and a researcher at the University of Leicester, explained:"Cancer clinicians should therefore be careful about attributing somatic symptoms of depression to cancer itself. This even applies in the later stages of cancer. Depression scales that exclude all physical symptoms may not be the optimal choice in cancer patients."

    Alex Mitchell(Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust精神病学顾问、Leicester大学研究者)博士解释道: “癌症临床医师将抑郁的躯体症状归因于癌症本身时应谨慎。这甚至适用于癌症的最后阶段。排除所有的躯体症状的抑郁标准可能不是癌症病人的最佳选择。”

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