英[ˈmɪtɪɡeɪt ] 美[ˈmɪtɪɡeɪt ]

[ 原形: mitigate 现在分词: mitigating 过去分词: mitigated 第三人称: mitigates ]



v. 减轻


  • 1.To mitigate this risk, the dose of the estrogen component was reduced, andlater, new progestins were incorporated into the pill. Although the newprogestins may be associated with a more favorable clinical profile, reportssuggest a higher risk for VTE with these agents.


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  • 2.Social differentiation, for example, could mitigate the negative effects of two species competing for the same limiting resource--food or habitat, for instance--and generate population level behavior that emerges from the interaction between close relatives.


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  • 3.Spelling and his colleagues found that in laboratory mice it was possible to mitigate the potentially lethal effects of the bacterium by blocking one of its toxic products rather than killing it.


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  • 4.Placement of foods in prominent locations increases the rate at which they're purchased; purchase leads to consumption; and consumption of foods high in sugar, fat, and salt increases the risks of chronic diseases. Because of this chain of causation, we would argue that the prominent placement of foods associated with chronic diseases should be treated as a risk factor for those diseases. And in light of the public health implications, steps should be taken to mitigate that risk.


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  • 5.To account for variation in stages of EHR implementation across clinical practice settings, Sittig and Singh propose that goals should first address safety hazards unique to technology (i.e. safer EHRs in phase 1). Phase 2 goals should mitigate safety hazards from failure to use technology appropriately (i.e. safer application and use of EHRs); and phase 3 goals should stimulate the use of technology in order to monitor and improve patient safety (i.e. leveraging EHRs to detect all types of hazards and facilitating oversight).

    考虑到变化阶段的EHR实施在临床实践中的设置,Sittig and Singh建议首先解决安全隐患的(也就是更安全的EHRs一期)。二期目标应该通过将失败转变为适当的使用技术来减轻安全隐患(也就是说更加安全的申请、使用EHRs);三期目标是,为了监控和提高患者安全,刺激技术的使用(也就是用EHRs来监控各类危害、促进监管)。

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